Monday, March 31, 2008

Philippine Country Analysis

Climate and Natural Resources

  • Giant sauna identical to South Florida weather
  • Tropical marine: rainy and dry seasons
  • Summer monsoons bring heavy rain (May to October)
  • Cooler and dryer air (November to February)
  • Average temperatures: 78°F/25°C to 90°F/ 32°C;
  • Humidity is 77%; Annual rainfall: 5,000 mm.
  • Sit astride typhoon belt; July to October especially hazardous for mudslides
  • Timber, petroleum, cobalt, silver, gold, copper, salt

Population and Society

  • According to the 1996 census, the population was just under 90,000,000 people.
  • The Philippines is a very youthful society with 57% under the age of 25.
  • There is a 95.9% literacy rate.
  • 2 million U.S. citizens reported Filipino ancestry.
  • The Philippines is a very diverse nation. Malay’s, Indonesians, Chinese, Hindu’s, Spanish, Japanese, American’s, and Muslims live in the country in large numbers.
  • It is the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world. Only behind the U.S. and U.K.
  • Although, there are over 70 major language groups and over 500 dialects.

Religious and Spiritual Climate

  • 82.9% Roman Catholics
  • 5.4% Protestants
  • 4.6% Islam
  • 2.6% Others (Jehovah’s Witness, Seventh Day Adventists, Aglipayans)
  • 2.3% Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ)
  • 2.2% Evangelical Christians

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