Saturday, April 5, 2008

We have arrived!

After 25 hours of travel, and 4 international airports the luggage, the supplies, and the entire team have arrived safely in Manila at 1am Sunday Morning (that's Philippines time, which is 1pm Atlanta time on Saturday)

On the way to Seoul - This mission started before we got on the plane...
In Los Angeles - We've had an interesting trip, a four hour layover in Los Angeles. We stopped to eat breakfast (actually lunch for us) and the check out clerk asked about our trip, she also is a christian and was excited to hear about our mission. She asked us to pray for her friend who is dying from cancer and does not know Jesus.

Somewhere over the Pacific - After flying several hours on a plane set for Seoul, South Korea we encountered a Korean flight attendant who somehow knew we were Christians and shared that she also is a Christian. She asked about our trip, we told her what we were doing, and she told us her dream of being a full-time missionary and her mission as a flight attendant. She asked us to pray about the salvation of her in-laws to be and her forth-coming wedding.

We ate the world's best omeletes in L.A., ate Bi-Bim-Bab en-route to South Korea, and witnessed to people aboard the final plane to Manila.

In Manila - When we arrived we were greeted with open arms, immigration welcomed us big after finding out we were coming to do ministry work. Custom's flagged us through and we met our host Gloria at the outside of the airport and are now at our guest units.

Later this morning we go to church, then to minister at a Christian school. Keep us in your prayers for rest, renewal, and to walk in the spirit as a team.