Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday April 7th 2008

Prisoners need your touch...
Our ministry started today visiting the city jails in the poorest areas of Metro Manila. The prisoners were elated to see us and were very receptive. At the first prison for adults we went in to assist in the work of Pastor Fred, a minister who disciples the adults in this prison. It was a huge help and encouragement to assist this long time prison ministry pastor who works for free, supported by his family. The four women on the team had the honor of speaking with the female inmates in a very small group of 20. The women in the adjoining cells were able to hear the truth of the gospel and the assurance that with God nothing is impossible. Their two hours of studying God's word and singing concluded with prayers on their knees.

Leaving there we went to a Juvenile facility that focused on rehabilitating young teen aged prisoners. We helped in the ministry there in the on-going evangelization and discipleship of those students as they went through rehabilitation. We performed three of our puppet skits and Richard got the boys loudly praising God in song!

What was a tremendous encouragement for this visit was the wide open receptiveness of both the prison staff and the prisoners to our ministry. Many received Christ, and others were encouraged and trained to disciple other teens in groups.

The prisoners and the pastors ministering and discipling these students and adult prisoners deeply need our support, and our ongoing training to effectively raise salt and light believers. One of the biggest needs Pastor Fern expressed is having Dr. Stanley's messages translated into the Filipino language.